ZeFresh is a unique fabric deodorizer and sanitizing product that treats the problems, including  tobacco, urine, pet smell and other awful odours. It is certified in the UK and Malaysia as effective against a range of bacteria’s including E coli and Salmonella, Listeria and others.

Direction for use:
Shake bottle before use, turn nozzle to the spray/stream, and spray onto areas to be treated. Until slightly damp, this will start to work as it dries, close nozzle after use.

Anti-bacterial agent, Anti-odor agent , Fragrance

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Not to be taken internally. Avoid contact with eyes. If Accidently splashed on eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Do not inhale the spray.
If you have sensitive or damaged skin, wear gloves. If swallowed seek immediate medical Attention and show this label or container. If accidently spilled wash skin with water. Wash Hands after use.

Usage items:
common areas for bed bug bites are on arms, legs, back and on the neck